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How do you pronounce BottiVingelo?

We created our name by combining the names of three of our favorite Italian Renaissance  artists: Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, and Michelangelo. There are many ways to pronounce their names so we have no preference on how you pronounce ours!

Do I need any piercings to wear BottiVingelo’s earcuffs?

No! Our earcuffs hook around the back of the ear similar to sunglasses. In most cases, your ear is in between the front wire design and the back wire hook. That is how they stay on!

What if I have a million ear piercings, or just one or two in odd places?

Our earcuffs work over ear piercings too! The hook sits gently in that crevice behind your ear and can tuck as tight or a loose as you like for comfort. They are also flexible and malleable so you can shape them to the curves of your ears and around your piercings. Most styles have a swirl on the front of the earlobe where a piercing usually sits. You can wear that piercing through the earcuff swirl for more stability.  If you have fresh and sensitive piercings, I would recommend wearing the earcuffs a lot looser at first until your piercings heal. If you are worried about wearing your BottiVingelo earcuffs correctly you can always take a pic on your ear and send it to us through Instagram or to We would be glad to help!

What if, in my opinion, my ears are very small/large?

We see so many types of ears! Ears are as unique as fingerprints. They dip and curve every which way and come in all shapes and sizes. And they are all beautiful! We use malleable wire in our designs to accommodate all sorts of ears. If your earcuff is sticking off of your ear and not laying flat then just gently bend the wire to the curves of your ear and earlobe until the earcuff feels molded to your ear. Most of our earcuff styles have a swirl that sits on the earlobe. If the earcuff is too long, just roll the swirl up a little and make it swirlier. If the earcuff is sitting too short on the ear then roll the swirl down to make it less swirly. The better contoured to your ear the more comfortable the earcuffs will fit and the more confident you will be!

Is there any reason BottiVingelo’s earcuffs would not fit my ears?

The only issue we run into is if a person has a connected ear at the top of the ear. If you have a hard time keeping glasses or sunglasses on your face due to slipping off your ears, and if you can’t keep a pencil sitting behind your ear than you may have a problem with our earcuffs. Every earcuff is hand-made so the fit will be different either way. We try our best to accommodate as many ears as possible. We have many styles and designs so sometimes we actually can accommodate unique ears. In this case, please visit us in person and we will try some designs on you to see what is the best match! Check out our Upcoming Events list to see when we will be in your area.

Will BottiVingelo’s earcuffs fall off of my ears?

If the earcuffs are properly molded to your ears and are fitting correctly I would say they stay on a little better than glasses/sunglasses. But, keep in mind, our earcuffs do not require any peircings so they are not attached to your ears. You can wear a piercing on top of some designs. Jewelry magically gets lost all of the time, even when it is attached to your body. If you are a person who likes to tuck your hair behind your ears a lot just be mindful since the earcuffs make your ears larger than you may be used to. Touching them frequently may cause them to loosen. If you are wearing a heavy wig or hat and it pushes down on your ears, I would not suggest wearing our earcuffs at that time. This may cause them to fall off without your knowledge.

Are BottiVingelo’s earcuffs fragile?

All of our items are flexible and bendable to a point. It is possible to bend items too far to the point of breaking. This may especially happen if you leave items loose in a bag or purse where they can get damaged. If you plan on taking our earcuffs off throughout the day I would suggest taking a small jewelry bag or the box we provide you during shipping to keep them in. This will prevent them from getting caught on or crushed by other items in your bag. Normal wear will usually not break our items.

I have metal allergies, can I wear BottiVIngelo’s jewelry?

We strive to use nickel-free and hypo-allergenic materials in all of our jewelry designs. Our wire is coated with a colored acrylic so you are not even touching the wire underneath. All other jewelry has a colored sterling silver plating. If you have any additional questions or concerns please Contact Us

I am not seeing what I want on your site, can you take a commission?

Yes! We love coming up with new and unique custom designs. Please contact us at with your ideas, sketches and reference images and we will let you know what we can do.

When will I receive my shipment?

Each item is hand-made and may take some time to make, especially if we are creating something new and unique. If we are out of town for an event, we will prioritize online orders as soon as we get back. In most cases, orders will be shipped within a day or two of ordering unless we contact you and tell you otherwise. If you need your items in less than two week’s time please Contact Us before you order so we can let you know what we can do.

I have more questions!

Please use the Contact Us link on our site or message us at We will be glad to help with any other questions or concerns J